Tooth Whitening

Natural, healthy teeth do vary in colour between individuals. As people age, it is common for teeth to become dull and yellow. Many dietary factors can also contribute to discolouration and staining of teeth including smoking, red wine, tea, and coffee. Fortunately, stained, and yellow teeth don’t have to stay that way.

Types of tooth whitening
There are three main types of professional tooth bleaching

  • In office bleaching using Zoom
  • Take home whitening kits
  • Internal bleaching

Zoom! Teeth Whitening?
Over time teeth can become stained and darkened from age, coffee, tea, smoking, etc But you don’t have to live with it! We can dramatically whiten and brighten your smile in less than 90 minutes with Zoom!

Whether you have a special event in the near future, or you just want to look your best, let us know and we will help you achieve an attractive, natural look. Ask our team member for more information about Zoom! In office Whitening or Contact Us to set up an appointment for a smile analysis.

Take home whitening kits
Professional at home whitening kits are much stronger than over the counter whitening options and therefore produce superior results. Take home kits put you in control of when you whiten your teeth, how white you want your teeth to become and how often they are whitened.

You will first be provided with customised whitening trays and a professional grade whitening gel to use at home. Results are usually achieved in about 1-2 weeks but you can continue for longer if you wish to attain a whiter colour.

Once the whitening trays are initially made, they can be used at any time when you require a ‘top-up’ to maintain your whiter smile. With everyday diet and habits the result may slightly fade, but a top-up of a night or two every 6-12 months is usually enough to keep the great result for the long term.

Internal bleaching
It is common for a tooth that has had trauma or previously been root canal treated to go grey or black. These teeth do not respond as well to external bleaching. In such cases internal bleaching can be used to restore the tooth to its natural colour from the inside.
Internal bleaching involves placing a bleaching agent inside the tooth which whitens the grey or black colour from the interior of the tooth which is the source of the discolouration in these teeth.

Ready for a whiter, brighter smile? Contact us at Evergreen Dental Care to find out more about tooth whitening procedures.

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