Root Canal Treatment

What is root canal treatment?

The aim of root canal treatment is to a save a tooth when its nerve has become inflamed or infected. It involves the removal of the inflamed/infected nerve tissue from a tooth’s root.

Infection/inflammation of the nerve can be caused by several things including: breakdown of a filling or crown, a deep cavity, trauma, gum disease, cracks or chips, severe wear or extensive dental work on a tooth.

When the nerve becomes inflamed the tooth can become very painful with symptoms such as hot/cold sensitivity, pain on biting, swelling and disturbed sleep.

Root canal treatment often gets a bad reputation being associated with a lot of pain. This is because when patients need root canal treatment they usually are already experiencing a lot of pain from an infected/inflamed nerve. The root canal treatment is what actually gets the patient OUT of pain.

During the procedure, your tooth will be anaesthetised, and the treatment will be similar to having a normal filling completed. Following root canal treatment, it is often recommended to protect the weakened tooth with a ceramic filling or crown.

If you feel that you may require a root canal treatment contact our experience team at Evergreen Dental Care to arrange a consultation and a full explanation of treatment options.

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