Dental Fillings

Even with preventative oral hygiene measures, many people at some stage of life will require a dental filling because of tooth decay, wear or an accident leading to a damaged tooth.

When decay forms it is necessary to receive a filling to stop the spread and to regain the strength of your original tooth. If left, decay can continue to spread in the tooth, and to surrounding teeth. When decay spreads, it causes structural damage to the tooth and can start affecting the nerve leading to pain and the need for more complex and costly treatment.

At Evergreen Dental Care we have several filling material options to restore your teeth and can discuss the best choice depending on the site, size, and function of the tooth to be restored.

In most cases the shape, appearance and function of the tooth is restored using a tooth coloured composite resin filling. Composite resin fillings are colour matched to the shade of your teeth, providing an aesthetically pleasing restoration that can be moulded to an exact fit. Our skilled dentists use the latest bonding techniques to achieve strong, durable, and natural looking fillings.

If you have a cavity, a broken tooth or would like to replace any of your old defective fillings, contact Evergreen Dental Care to make an appointment.

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