Children’s Dentistry

Looking after your children’s teeth from a young age is the best first step to setting them up for a lifetime of good oral health. At Evergreen Dental Care we recommend children come in for their first dental visit before their third birthday and continue preventative maintenance every 6 months.

  • This allows your child to get used to the dental atmosphere
  • Develop early positive and trusting relationships with their dentist
  • Develop healthy dental habits from a young age, and
  • Allows early detection and treatment of dental problems

At Evergreen Dental Care we love treating children of all ages. We understand that some children can feel overwhelmed and scared to visit the dentist, so we go that extra mile to make those early dental visits a fun, relaxing and positive experience.

What to expect at your child’s dental check-up
At your child’s dental check-up we will

  • Assess any medical implications of your child that may affect their dental health
  • Examine the growth and development of your child’s bite, jaws and crowding
  • Check for cavities and gum problems
  • Check for tongue positions, breathing issues, and other oral habits that may detrimentally affect your child’s growth
  • Give you advice on how to care for your child’s teeth, including a detailed lesson on brushing and flossing tips
  • Discuss your child’s diet that is relevance to oral health
  • Explain the use of fluoride and oral health products that your child may need
Why are baby teeth important?
Your child’s baby teeth are as important as permanent teeth and require daily care.
Baby teeth:

  • Allows your child to eat and speak properly which is important for their growth and development
  • They guide and hold the space for the adult teeth to come into the correct position in the mouth
  • Early loss of a baby tooth can lead to a bad bite, crowding and incorrectly positioned teeth which can lead to future dental problems like tooth wear, decay, and gum disease

What about CDBS?
CDBS is a Medicare program that provides children from eligible families with up to $1013 of dental treatment every two years.
If you don’t know your child’s CDBS eligibility status, then you can either call up Medicare yourself or our friendly and helpful staff can find out for you. If you are interested in the CDBS program you can contact Evergreen Dental Care or learn more on the CDBS information page at

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