New Patient Offer

Usually valued at $450, we would like to welcome you to our family practice with this New Patient Offer for $225

What’s Included:

  • Consultation: Firstly, we would love to to get to know you, understand your individual concerns, past dental experiences and your personal and unique needs and wants.
  • Comprehensive Examination: Your dentist will conduct a comprehensive dental assessment of your teeth, gums, jaw joints, facial muscles, bite and smile aesthetics. A thorough oral cancer screening will also be conducted of the head and neck.
  • Full Mouth Scale & Clean, Polish and Fluoride Treatment: We will do a thorough professional dental clean of your teeth removing any calcified and soft deposits of plaque and calculus (tartar). This will be followed by a polish to remove any superficial tooth stains, and the application of a preventative fluoride treatment.
  • Digital X-rays (unlimited): A set of low radiation, high quality intra oral X-rays will be taken to assess in between, inside your teeth, and under existing fillings. If additional X-rays are required for specific areas of concern, they will also be taken at no extra cost.
  • Panoramic OPG Scan: This X-ray is taken from outside of your mouth and produces an image of the entire oral cavity. It shows all of the teeth, as well as the upper and lower jaws and sinus areas and can help assess wisdom teeth, gum and bone health.
  • Full Mouth Digital Scan: If necessary, a full mouth scan will be taken of your teeth and smile to assist with recording and treatment planning your individualised treatment goals.
  • Intra Oral photography: We will take a series of high quality intra oral photographs that record and analyse any dental issues, help with aesthetic smile assessment and aid in optimal treatment planning
  • Discussion of current oral health, advice and guidance: Your dentist will spend the time to explain your oral condition, address your specific risk factors and provide advice and guidance on prevention of oral disease.
  • Treatment Options: Your dentist will discuss all of the available treatment options including specific costs, time frames, risks as well as pro’s and con’s of each option.
  • Personalised Treatment Plan: We will develop a specific treatment plan to meet your personal needs, wants and desires.