Dentures are a removable appliance used to replace missing teeth. They are made from either acrylic, flexible acrylic, or cobalt chrome to which prosthetic teeth are added.

They help with speech, chewing, add support to your lips and chin as well as improving the appearance of your smile. Dentures are kept in place by either implants or support from neighbouring teeth and tissues. On occasions a denture fixative or glue is recommended to aid in keeping the denture in place. Sometimes, dentures can be constructed to work in harmony with specially placed dental implants.

Your dentist will assess your needs and thoroughly examine your mouth for suitability for dentures, looking at:

  • All your existing teeth, to ensure they are healthy and able to support your new dentures.
  • Existing restorations, fillings, crowns etc.
  • The health of your gums, to make sure there is no infection present.
  • The way the teeth bite together.
  • If you have no natural teeth, assessing your gums and underlying bone.

The procedure will be explained to you and a treatment plan provided, stating all the stages and the costing.

How many appointments are needed to have a denture made?

Generally, from 2 up to 4 appointments will be necessary as dentures are made in stages. The stages are the same whether you are having full dentures or partial dentures. The only exception being an ‘immediate denture’, when a tooth is extracted and the denture is fitted immediately to replace the missing tooth. This denture will then have to be adjusted or replaced in 3 to 6 months after the extraction.

At Evergreen Dental Care, we offer a range of denture services, including both making new dentures and repairing or adding to existing dentures. A number of our denture services can be done on-site, meaning that our patients can have their work completed more quickly.

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